About Amhara Bank

Amhara Bank aims to use the enabling conditions to provide an excellent service that appeals to the ever-diversifying and growing needs of customers that are demanding more from banks in the form of personalized and competitive banking services.

The Bank intends to provide a secure, responsive, dynamic, and conducive banking atmosphere to customers with a commitment to values and unshaken confidence, deploying the best technology, standards, processes, and procedures where customer convenience is our significant importance to increase the stakeholders’ value.

The banking industry is considered as one of the most significant drivers in strengthening the soundness of an economy in terms of investment, job creation, facilitating the circulation of funds nationally and globally. Similarly, Amhara Bank will play its part in facilitating savings, investment, job creation, economic growth, and is also enthusiastic in discharging its Corporate Social Responsibilities.

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Amhara Bank is a share company with more than 170,000 shareholders contributing birr 4.8 billion in paid-up capital and birr 6.5 billion in signed capital. The bank’s ability to work together to develop a successful business venture and commercial bank service is reflected in its diversified ownership.

100 k+


3 b+

Subscribed capital

1 b+

Paid up capital

400 +




To be a leading and game changing Bank in Africa.

Mission - Copy


To provide a wide-ranging, accessible, reliable and innovative financial and non-financial solutions through state-of-the-art technology by competent and ethical professionals in a socially responsible manner with a client-oriented culture.

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Core Values

The core values of Amhara Bank are fused as I CARE and defined in detail below.


Innovative and inclusive

We differentiate ourselves from the rest with our creative products and quality service. We are committed to offering smart products and services that will make our customer’s lives better. We are always on the lookout for better solutions that will meet the customer’s needs.


Community and Customer Focus

We relentlessly pursue customer excellence and consider our customers' needs from their perspective and aim to exceed their expectations. We give back to the communities where we operate and are committed to making an impact in the communities where we live. We contribute to sustainable development by delivering economic, social, and environmental benefits. The Bank support progressive social change.


Accountability and Accessibility

We are committed to ensuring accountability and transparency in our activities through good governance practices to meet the demands of stakeholders’ interests.


Responsible and Respect

The Bank is devoted to discharge its roles and responsibilities and respect with best efforts and capabilities through continually upgrading skills and knowledge, maintaining an effective system of communication and consultations, with a system of reward and recognition for outstanding performance.


Efficiency and Effectiveness

We commit to what we can deliver, and we deliver on our commitments promptly. We find the simplest and most cost-effective way of performing tasks, every time and start with quality in mind to ensure superior execution. We strive to get it right, the first time and every time.