Marhaba Interest Free Banking

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Amhara bank provides a specialized Interest-Free Banking service with the brand name “MARHABA ”. The word Marhaba in Arabic has the meaning of ‘’Welcome’’ signifying how we are ready to serve and our commitment to quality service. Our products and services are tailored to serve and fulfill the needs of our esteemed customers and are in compliance with the Shari’ah principles. The Bank has established Sharia advisors who have ample and strong experience in commercial jurisprudence, Fiqh, Muamalat, and academic background who ascertain conformity with Shari’ah laws. To realize our bank’s vision to be a game-changing and leading bank in Africa, we are commencing the service in all of our branches in dedicated windows and soon-to-be-opened dedicated IFB branches in Addis Ababa and regions.

  • Wadia’h Saving Account
  • Qard Current Account
  • Mudarabah Saving Account
  • FCY Deposit Products
  • Other Special Saving Account
  • Murabaha Financing
  • Ijara Financing
  • Bi-Salam Financing
  • Istisna Financing
  • Qard Pre-Shipment Export
  • Mudarabah Investment
  • Musharaka Investment
  • Import
  • Export
  • Hawallah
  • Kafalah
  • Foreign Exchange